Cancer related websites: A detailed and complete source of information about breast density
American Institute for Cancer Research A great site for information about diet, physical activity, and weight management for cancer prevention One of the best sites for breast cancer survivors at all stages of survivorship, answering specific questions Personalized patient navigation for cancer
American Cancer Society Resources and information about all forms of cancer

Articles on Prevention, detection, or living well after cancer:
Nutrition and Physical Activity During and After Treatment
Cancer Will Never Happen To Me , the emotional and physical journey of a healthy person diagnosed with breast cancer, by Pam Schmid for Cary Magazine

Positive Psychology: Take the research based VIA strengths inventory and discover your top 5 signature strengths! Use these in a new way everyday to improve happiness.
The New Science of Happiness Learn about what makes the human heart sing

Learn why exercise IS medicine!
Exercise is Medicine™
is an initiative of the American College of Sports Medicine, a nationwide campaign designed to make sure that exercise and physical activity is a part of every discussion around your health and well-being with your physician.

Go to the following links for a wealth of information and resources:
Your prescription for health series Answers lots of questions around exercise and health concerns (diabetes, pregnancy, high blood pressure,
Exercise is Medicine materials for the public