I like to speak from the heart and provide energetic, real-life, practical, and motivating keynotes and workshops for your audience to enjoy and learn from.

Presentations have an emphasis of a coach approach to optimizing health, fitness, happiness and well-being that inspire hope, motivation, and give a pathway to lasting change. Titles and content can be interchangeable and adapted to specific audiences.

Audience participant's descriptions of Pam's strengths on follow-up evaluations:
"Energetic, engaging, professional, genuine, articulate, authentic, warm, funny, dynamic, courageous, passionate, down to earth, positive, knowledgeable, personable, entertaining, gifted, personality plus, concise, confident, open, encouraging, caring, clear, supportive, respectful, spontaneous, talented, full of insights and stories, ability to simplify confusing information, great communicator, good at drawing out participants, excellent speaker..."